Energy Engineering Services
services_energy-engineering We perform comprehensive building energy analysis and recommend techniques that will optimize HVAC, Plumbing, Lighting, and Electrical Systems serving the facility. In addition, we provide energy modeling for compliance with the following:
Energy Conserving System Engineering Design
We have experience in the following alternative energy source and/or energy conserving systems:

Solar Panels
  • Renewable Energy:
    • Wood/Corn Burning Heating Plants
    • Solar Power
    • Wind Power
  • Geothermal Heat Pumps (closed loop and open loop systems)
  • Free Colling Water-side Economizers (via dry coolers and cooling towers)
  • Energy Recover Air Handling Units
  • IAQ/Ventilation Systems
  • Heat Reclaim - pool heaters, condenser water; process water

Building Systems Audits/Energy Analysis
We provide building system audits and energy analysis for clients looking to improve and/or track the energy consumption/efficiency of the HVAC and Lighting Systems in existing buildings. The audits include a detail assessment of the HVAC and Light Systems, with a specific focus on energy performance.

The energy Analysis includes. energy modeling and/or equipment energy monitoring to determine where energy savings can be attained. As part of the Energy Analysis, we will compare the energy consumption to industry standard benchmarks for the type of facility and climate.
Thermal Imagry

Energy Monitoring
We can provide real-time monitoring of energy consumption for clients looking to get specific and actual information in regard to where and what is consuming energy in their facility.
quotes     Hans Nelson and his team of engineers are our First Choice of engineering firms. For over seven (7) years, his team has provided a consistent and high level of service and performance that continues to be the standard in which other engineering firms are measured.

~Albert A. Goudreua
Goudreau & Associates, Inc

    I have found you and your staff to be very knowledgeable in regards to health care mechanical and electrical design.  It is good to know that I can approach health care clients with confidence that you have provided a complete design of the appropriate systems for their facility.

~David S. Daining - Design e3

    The quality of the [feasibility study provided by Synergy] led the district to immediately retain Synergy to design a new boiler plant and serve as construction manager... After one year of working with Synergy, I can say without hesitation that our assessment of their company was accurate. From the budget development stage to the punch lists, Synergy offers their experience as "your representation."

~Todd Bell
Director of Facilities and Operations
Kentwood Public Schools

    We were impressed with the end product deliverable, a commissioning report that includes detailed results of the functional tests, which will be very useful to the Owner and our design team in resolving the many deficiencies discovered by Synergy throughout the Commissioning process.

~Justin L. Kowatch
Professional Engineer
Wade Trime, Inc.