Engineering Experience
Healthcare Facilities
Spectrum Health

Blodgett Campus
Chilled Water Plant - Upgrades and replacement of existing systems.

Spectrum Health 

Blodgett Campus
Boiler Plant - Upgrades and replacement of the Hospitals existing systems and to accommodate a new 150,000-sf Inpatient Addition.

Spectrum Health

Butterworth Campus
Boiler Plant - Major renovations to the downtown campus included upgrading and replacing much of the existing boiler system to a higher efficient system.  Renovation to Radiology Department including HVAC and Lighting upgrades to Radiology Reading Area.

Spectrum Health

Holland Campus
Lakeshore Area Radiology & Oncology Renovations including a CT Scan Suite, CT Control Room, Dark Room & Mold Room.
Oakview Medical Care Facility - Ludington
Expansion and Renovation of the existing facility, following the "new care model" including a New Alzheimer Wing addition, and M/E/P/FP Infrastructure Upgrades.

Warwick Living Center
New Skilled Nursing Facility following the "new care model" consisting of (3) Wings (Neighborhoods) along with a central community space including recreational, dining, spa, and kitchen.

Pinecrest Medical Care Facility
Two Freestanding "Greenhouse" Medical Care Homes that house (10) residents each.

Gerber Memorial Health Services

Gerber Memorial Hospital Campus
  • Chiller Plant Upgrades: Including adding a 400 ton air-cooled chiller, increasing the chiller plant capacity to 700  tons, and retrofitting the campus with variable primary and variable secondary pumping.
  • East Wing - Patient Rooms/Mental Health/Central Supply: Mechanical, Electrical, Plumbing, and Fire Protection Upgrades including replacement of air-handling units and associated ductwork, piping, and controls.  Lighting and Power Distribution Upgrades, and Fire Protection System expansion.
  • Electrical Power Distribution Upgrades to the power distribution critical life safety equipment, and normal power infrastructure, along with ground fault and arc flash systems analysis.
  • South Wing - Surgery Patient Rooms: Various renovations to patient rooms and supporting spaces along with replacement of air-handling units and associated ductwork, piping, and controls.
  • Internal Medicine Clinic: Complete Renovation for a new clinic, including Internal Medicine Outpatient services and Hospital Scheduling Department.
  • Wellness Center: New Wellness and Rehab Center, including therapy pool, gym, walking track, and treatment rooms.  This project was not constructed.
Memorial Medical Center
  • Electrical Power Distribution Upgrades to the power distribution critical, life safety, equipment, and normal power infrastructure, along with ground fault analysis.
  • Data Center HVAC & Fire Suppression System Upgrades: including new HVAC and Fire Suppression Systems for the Data Center.
  • Lower Level Office Renovations
  • Building Pressurization Study
  • Kitchen HVAC Upgrades
Westshore Hospital
Air-Handling Unit Replacements: Radiology, OB/GYN, Patient Room, Executive Administration, Information Services & Cafeteria.

Baldwin Family Health

Grant Family Health Campus
New (3) Story, 20,000 square foot Clinic consisting of an Outpatient Clinic, Pharmacy & Dental Suite.

Central Michigan Community Hospital
  • New MRI Suite Addition: Addition included a new MRI Scan Room, MRI Equipment Room, Waiting Room and Patient Holding Room.
  • Boiler Plant Replacement: Replacement of existing steam boiler plant with a new decentralized hot water boiler plant and modular steam boilers.
  • Chiller Plant Upgrades: Including adding a 500 ton centrifugal chiller, replacing the cooling tower plant cooling tower (1200 tons), and retrofitting the campus with variable primary and variable secondary pumping.
  • New Emergency Department Addition
  • Surgery/Recovery Renovations: Including Operating Suite Improvements, New Recovery Rooms, and New Endoscopy Suite.
  • Lab/Radiology Renovations
  • Medical Surgery Patient Room Renovation: Including a complete remodel of the Third Floor South Wing Patient Rooms.
  • Information Services HVAC and Electrical Upgrades
  • Computerized Tomography (CT) Scan Upgrades
  • Surgery / Recovery / Cystoscopy / Patient Rooms / OB/GYN Air Handling Unit Replacements
  • Medical Gas System Evaluation and Upgrades
  • Isolation Rooms Upgrades
  • Pharmacy Relocation
  • Outpatient Clinic Renovations
  • Hydro Therapy Clinic
  • OB/GYN Clinic
  • Administration Conference Room HVAC Upgrades
  • Nurses Station Renovations
  • Dietary Improvements Study
  • Nursing (Patient Room) Renovations

quotes     Hans Nelson and his team of engineers are our First Choice of engineering firms. For over seven (7) years, his team has provided a consistent and high level of service and performance that continues to be the standard in which other engineering firms are measured.

~Albert A. Goudreua
Goudreau & Associates, Inc

    I have found you and your staff to be very knowledgeable in regards to health care mechanical and electrical design.  It is good to know that I can approach health care clients with confidence that you have provided a complete design of the appropriate systems for their facility.

~David S. Daining - Design e3

    The quality of the [feasibility study provided by Synergy] led the district to immediately retain Synergy to design a new boiler plant and serve as construction manager... After one year of working with Synergy, I can say without hesitation that our assessment of their company was accurate. From the budget development stage to the punch lists, Synergy offers their experience as "your representation."

~Todd Bell
Director of Facilities and Operations
Kentwood Public Schools

    We were impressed with the end product deliverable, a commissioning report that includes detailed results of the functional tests, which will be very useful to the Owner and our design team in resolving the many deficiencies discovered by Synergy throughout the Commissioning process.

~Justin L. Kowatch
Professional Engineer
Wade Trime, Inc.